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Joining Mark Lack is Omar Spahi of OSSM Comics, dives into being a young successful millionaire. Omar and Mark discuss growing a company, the steps involved, and the importance. He gives tips on social media, marketing, and how important listening to others is for your brand. How do you maintain integrity on social media?Read More
Having acquired over 40 units in Ocean Towers, Santa Monica, also known as the billionaires building, Omar provides to some of the most prestigious celebrities and high net worth individuals the perfect places to live and vacation.Read More
Some units at Ben Shaoul's East Village condos could rent as high as $5,500 per month for a one-bedroom, a Wall Street Journal story has revealed. The 32-units at 100 Avenue A, are not being marketed as rentals, but the purchase of three-units at the condo building by an investor have revealed how much someRead More
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Jeffrey takes a look at the massively popular comic book industry. Domestic sales of comics and graphic novels have been rising for years and with Hollywood doubling down on comic book franchises we’ll likely see even more growth this year. However, the industry is still largely dominated by two publishers, Marvel and DC Comics, whoRead More
Omar Spahi is the Derek Hough of real estate. He was most recently seen in the hit series Million Dollar Listing and impressed America with his work ethic and incredible knowledge of the field. Seeing him in action is incredible, but to know him is an honor. During our conversation, not only did I learnRead More