EXCLUSIVE: Interview With OSSM Comics Omar Spahi

Comics are an expansive medium, one that encompasses millions of fans around the world covering all types of genres. Out of that vastness, there can be only a select few to carve out their own space within the industry, and Omar Spahi certainly resides in that group. Spahi is the CEO and creator of OSSM Comics, a company which has a diverse portfolio that includes Xenoglyphs, Thaniel, Terminarch, and the recently released Hadrians Wall -- a title being co-published by Image Comics.

Real Estate Mogul Omar Spahi has the Magic Touch

Investing in real estate is always a gamble. Knowing how to play your cards right takes knowledge and skill. At three years shy of 30, entrepreneur and Real Estate Mogul Omar Spahi has the magic touch. Omar has achieved success most can only hope to touch in their lifetime. Omar manages his own real estate empire, which also includes his recent $5.4 million dollar purchase of three luxury residential condominiums in NYC’s East Village along with adding 40 units at Santa Monica, CA’s Ocean Tower to his portfolio.

"NOW is the right time to buy real estate"
— Omar Spahi

Here's the thing, everyone is waiting for the right time to buy.

People want to buy when the market is low, but the market will not get lower than it is. Even if there's a recession or dip in the market, historically house prices have always gone back up. There's no better time to buy than right now.

Also the interest rate is on the rise which means you'll be paying more later to borrow the same amount of money.

Real Estate is the best investment you can make, and it's important to have a knowledgeable person walking you through the process and I'll be happy to help walk you through the process from start to finish.

    Trying something new.

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