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Code 8 Feature Film

Omar Spahi has signed on to Executive Produce his first feature film starring Robbie Amell and directed by Jeff Chan. Seems like there's a lot of fun on the horizon.

OSSM Comics Separators Animated Trailer
Omar created a trailer for his Original Animated Series. Separators which follows Steven James and Dom Jennings because they must travel around the globe to stop the evil Anubis from collecting all nine Xenoglyphs. Seems like this is just the beginning for our heroes.
 Omar Spahi Updates 

Another reason to work with Omar Spahi is due to his knowledge in Santa Monica real estate. While being a licensed real estate agent, he is currently in the process of receiving his pilot's license and contractor's license but has not received them yet. He is also an ordained reverend in the state of California. His next goal consequently is to write and produce film and television.

In conclusion, make sure to keep up with Omar's tips and tricks in his blog above. Use what he writes each week to become an expert in real estate, social media, construction, comic books, and anything that you haven't become an expert in yet.

Futhermore, Omar loves sharing his knowledge with others in hopes that people will become their best selves. Therefore you should read the blog and see for yourself.

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OSSM Comics

In 2012, Omar Spahi began building another dream to create comic books. As a result, he started his own company at 23, Omar finished his first comic book XENOGLYPHS. Most of all, he continues to follow his dream and build OSSM Comics into the premier comic book company. Finally, he hope to continue his career as a television and film producer.
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